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Innovative Network of Schools

In 2003 the Ministry of Education and the Sulinet Programiroda has announced a tender for Hungarian schools to participate in the European Network of Innovative Schools. Exempts from the tender:

"The Ministry of Education is planning to call such an innovative network to life, which as a core, will choose about 20 public educational institutes. It is prerequisite that the institutes chosen in the tender are proficient in the application of informational and communicational technologies in academic subjects, be provided with multimedia laboratory with Internet access, a homepage and provide quality education
Innovative schools are pioneers among schools, are in the very heart of innovation, are respected within Hungary as well as in the international framework of schools and provide quality education in respect of informational and communicational technologies.
The schools chosen will be qualified to take part in the development and application of several international ITK methods, and in testing modern technologies and tools within the framework of different foreign and national projects, which includes the participation in training and conferences as well as other activities.
With the co-operation the schools selected will also become members of the European Network of Innovative Schools.
The 4 main objects of ENIS:

  • Distribution of the examples already proved to be invaluable
  • Supporting international projects
  • Participating in the programmes of the Council of Europe
  • Facilitation of pioneer schools and enhancing the co-operation of developing schools, putting new constitutional and pedagogical solutions to test

The schools will have to undertake to:

  • take part in international and national projects
  • develop continuously the integration and application of ICT
  • share the experiences and co-operate with other schools
  • aregularly update the homepage of the school, including the projects, activities and the quality of the virtual educational environment
  • with the participation of 4-8 teachers set up a creative workshop to co-ordinate the projects
  • ensure the possibility for teacher training and in-service training projects
  • set up study groups of students to test the programmes."

Our secondary grammar school qualified successfully for the projects and consequently became member of the European Network of Innovative Schools in June 2003.
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