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Project SCALE

SCALE is a research project supported by the European Community involving 6 countries: The United Kingdom, France, Finland, Portugal and Hungary. The research aims at devising an internet-based tool which enhances the development of the ability to debate in students between the age of 16 and 18 and their ability to use it in their studies.

The name of the program is SCALE ("mérleg" in Hungarian), which symbolises the consider the ideas on both sides. The name of the project comes from an English acronym: Internet-based Support Collaborative Argumentation-based LEarning in secondary schools. The aim of the work to be done together can be summed up as: devising an internet-based intelligent tool to help the learning in secondary schools based on co-operation and argumentation.

In our school the members of the SCALE-team consisting of students from the class 10.G. has been working/were working on realisation of the project, with the help of two teachers, Kauders Tamás and Sebőkné Orosz Katalin. [The certificate>>>]

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