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("On the way of the porpuseful career-building"
Phare Access 2001 Macro-projects - HU 0104-03-01-0010
30 June 2003 - 30 July 2004.)

With the help of Junior Achievement Magyarország Alapítvány a possibility was created for the realisation of the programme financed by the European Community in 15 schools all around the country. Leövey Klára Secondary Grammar School is the only participant in Budapest.
Within the programme the JAM provides the students with a series of programmes and some publications to help them cope with the challenges they will have to face when finishing their studies in the secondary school. In the programme specialists and the students work together to enable our students to choose the profession fit for them and to get acquainted with the abilities and aptitudes required for their self-realisation.

The programme for the students consists of two parts: training an consultation. The training is led by experienced trainers and psychologists for 30 people for two days 6 hours each. They concentrate on topics that the students will need in the near future. For example about success, the setting of aims, the importance of communication and the problems of finding a job. The training is centred around theoretical questions/problems which are supplemented by situational tasks which are analysed together.

During the training several questions are expected to arise which could be discussed in the consultation sessions. As a consequence the consultation can only be successful in an intensive, face-to-face form. In the course of this the consultant attempts to enhance the right choice of career taking into consideration the abilities and fields of interests of the students. The consultant tries to answer all the individual questions in a private conversation, which last for 20-25 minutes. This conversation builds on experiences gained from the communication training, and the personality test finishing off the training, which gives opportunity for the student to show what their interests are and which field would be the most suitable for them to work in most successfully.

In the framework of the training in November 2003 we took part in a to-day long 'Train the trainings' intensive professional teacher training and preparation course, at which we had the chance to obtain an insight into the aims of the project, and the conditions of the realisations in a school, and could also meet the trainers and psychologists.

The aims of the project:
To develop a way of thinking in the students which meets the requirements in the EC
To get acquainted with the connection between the career and life-long-learning
To prepare the students for the challenges they may face in the labour market with the help of practising professionals, and under the leadership of career specialists
To develop the competence and skills helping individual success and participation in the labour market and prepare for the demands
To help our students who participate in the training leave our school and set off with bigger hope of success, and to learn useful techniques for successful exams and entrance exams, and the basic elements of communication and negotiation.

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