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The modification of the Public Education Act ordains all the public educational institution that they should create their own system of quality development. Our schools plans to develop the quality aims at partner-centrelines, which means it focuses on the demands of the parents, students and their future jobs.

The teachers teaching languages permanently seek the ways in which they can work more effective. Hungary will be the member of the European Community next year. The question arises that how much contribution language teaching can make to help our students become equal citizens in the community. The Council of Europe urges the member countries to harmonise the language teaching strategies. The result of the harmonisation process is the document entitled "Common European Framework of References for Languages", which was published in Hungarian in 2002. To put into practice the principles stated in the "Common European Framework of Reference" the "European Language Portfolio " was compiled, the test of which was started in 20 schools in the previous school year.

What is the European Language Portfolio?

It is a systemised collection of documents. It keeps track of the language learner's experiences and competences, even those which cannot be entered in the official school report. The "Biography and Dossier" is in harmony with the "Common European Framework of References" and helps the practical fulfilment of the curriculum. It plays a similarly positive role in the definition of the requirements of the new two-level GCSE. It assesses language competence in a consistent 6-level unit based building on one another. This is a unique tool which urges students to think about their own language learning process, plan ahead, test and assess themselves.

Leövey Klára Secondary Grammar School has been taking part in the follow-up school programme since September 2003 with the support of the Kiss Árpád National Educational Service Institution. This school year the European Language Portfolio was introduced in two classes (class 7.F. English, and 9.A. German group) for the total 6 and 4 years of their secondary school studies respectively.

Their German language teacher, Egyedi Csabáné related her and her students experiences about it at the language section of the "Szellemi Piknik" ("Mental Picnic"). The students did their own language 'autobiographies' and drew their 'language family trees'. They number of the documents about their language learning has been growing fast in the Dossier. The teacher can follow on a chart in her own Dossier which level her students are in the development of certain skills. It is easier to pinpoint who needs more tutoring and who are the ones who is more advanced and needs further tasks. We recommend the Dossier to the parents as well, because they can get a full vivid picture of what their child has learnt and how far he has advanced in gaining the basic skills. The language teachers showed great interested in the Dossier at the "Szellemi Piknik" and then and there a lot of them decided to apply for the follow-up programme. The greatest success was gained by the shift of perspective from the old one of failure and deficiencies which discourage students from learning to the new one which focuses on performance, success and developing skills.

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