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Teaching Informatics In Leövey Klára Secondary Grammar School

In our secondary grammar school teaching of informatics was started in 1983 with a single piece of the legendary type HT1080Z computer (clock pulse 1.7 MHz, RAM 16 kB, graphics 128 by 48). Today, as the result of several tenders, our own development, local authority and sponsor support, in the 3 informatics laboratories we have 40 modern machines. A dozen of computers are used by the teachers and obviously there are machines used in the staffrooms and in the library as well. They are connected within a Novell Netware network, and we have had access to the Internet since 1994. WE also have a tool-room, a museum and an informatics library. The whole documentation of the school is done on computer as well as bookkeeping, the school magazine, and the yearbook is also digitalised. We offer 4 subjects within computer science: basic informatics, a theoretical and practical elective subject, and a specialised class. Our main intention is to help all the teachers make use of the opportunity offered by informatics. That is the reason why we joined the project CELEBRATE and applied for the title of the Innovative School.

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