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Project ZORKA

The aim of the project 'Zorka 2004' is to develop and test such methods and techniques with the co-operation of the Innovative Network of Schools that in the future can be integrated in the curriculum of schools in every terrain of the school system and can successfully be used in the education of science (biology, chemistry, physics, geography and environmental studies).

The project 'Zorka 2004' consists of two parts:

1. Meteorological measurements
During the measurement all the schools install the meteorological station, and the result of its measurements will be recorded on a computer on the spot, assessed and sent to server of the Sulinet, on which they can be read on a central homepage.
Between the dates 3 May and 11 June 2004 all the schools respectively will do a weather forecast in turn. This forecast will be done by using local data and other meteorological data available and will be sent in a media file/soundbite to the server of Sulinet, on which it can be downloaded every day. The innovative schools involved in the project will assess the data collected over 30 days and certify and do a presentation with photo and video illustration.

2. Environmental tests and scientific experiences
The schools involved in the project will plan scientific experiments and measurements using the equipment gained. 30 pairs will be set up from the 30 member schools. They plan the experiments, measurements (with the minimum of 4). The documentation will be sent to another 'pair', which will do the same measures and experiments again.
During the project the participants will supplement the result gained from the measurements and experiments with background information relying on the educational materials available from the SDT (Sulinet Digital Knowledge Corpus) and the Oktatás (Education) homepage.
Following that all the participating schools will set up such workshops (with methodological recommendations) that will be uploaded in the Sulinet Digitális Tudásbázis.

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