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Project Celebrate

In the autumn of 2002 Sulinet Programiroda announced a competition for joining the Celebrate Project of the European Schoolnet.

Celebrate is a 30-month-long 30-million-euro IS (informational society) project financed by the Europe Committee and the Hungarian representative of which is Sulinet Project. The programme aims at the development of e-learning (digital internet-based learning).

Under the leadership of the European Schoolnet, within 11 countries (Sweden, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Norway, Spain, Italy and Hungary) educational material for thousands of lessons will be created by university research centres and developer firms during the period of co-operation. The novelty of this corpus of educational materials lies in the fact that, on one hand, it is based on modern methodological principles, that is, it requires active and creative participation on the part of the student, it develops their problem-solving skills and overreaches the rigid boundaries of the subjects. On the other hand, it is easy to alter, edit and new varieties can be created from it according to the needs of the teachers who use it.

Our secondary school, as one of the schools involved, in a team joined the first part of the project, within the framework of which we compiled such educational materials in biology, mathematics and physics that meet the demands in developing skills of the digital age.
The second phase of the project, with the aim of trying out the corpus of educational materials developed all around Europe, began in November 2003.

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